Praise for Siege and Survival

“Using interviews and incisive ethnohistorical techniques, Beck has crafted the best interpretive study of the Menominees from earliest French  contact through the beginning years of reservation life.” – Choice 

“The book’s strength lies in the solid implementation of historical method in telling the story of Euroamerican colonialism from a Native perspective.” – Anthropos

“Beck does a wonderful job of explaining the social, political, and economic activities of Menominee leaders and tribal members by situating them within the context of their own customs, traditions, and worldview…. Studies such as this one, which portray Native-American leaders and groups not as victims but as independent actors drive by complicated (and often unclear) motives, are absolutely vital to understanding the dynamic and complex relations inherent in history at the local, regional, and national levels.” – Michigan Historical Review

“I recommend the greater part of this book not only as a generally reliable guide to post-contact pre-1856 Menominee history but as a decidedly engaging one as well.”—Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute